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Follow the country roads to #MTBNats!

Good evening everyone,

Well today was a doozy! We had a beautiful, sunny, blue skies day with some super-fast cross country racing with our older masters age groups with the course drying out. We watched as 85 age group athlete, Fred Schmid won a 27th national championship jersey and we waited in suspense as the seven stage enduro results came in and we had one podium decided by a mere couple of seconds. We’ll move on with our fourth day of racing with our junior, senior and masters cross country racing, our amateur downhill seeding runs, and end the day with our pro dual slalom by the lake. It’s going to be fun out there especially with our pro dual slalom finals, so head on down to the lake tomorrow afternoon.

You’ll find important information regarding tomorrow’s races below.

See you tomorrow,


Start list

Please make sure you arrive at the start line with your chip on. If for some reason you are missing your chip, please go to registration so we can give you a new one to ensure that you can race. For riders to advance to the finals they must start their race, they do not need to finish.

Cross country:
8:00 a.m. XC F 35-39: 3 laps
8:01 a.m. XC F 30-34: 3 laps
8:01:30 a.m. XC F Single speed: 3 laps
8:02 a.m. XC F 45-49: 3 laps
8:02:30 a.m. XC F 40-44: 3 laps
8:03 a.m. XC F 25-29: 3 laps
8:03:30 a.m. XC F 19-24: 3 laps

10:00 a.m. XC M 35-39: 4 laps
10:01 a.m. XC M 30-34: 5 laps
10:02 a.m. XC M 25-29: 5 laps
10:03 a.m. XC M 19-24: 5 laps

2:15 p.m. XC M 50-54: 4 laps
2:16 p.m. XC M 45-49: 4 laps
2:17 p.m. XC M 40-44: 4 laps
2:18 p.m. XC M Single speed: 4 laps

4:45 p.m. XC M 13-14: 5 laps
4:47 p.m. XC F 13-14: 4 laps
4:48 p.m. XC M 11-12: 4 laps
4:48:30 p.m. XC F 11-12: 3 laps

With the record size fields for the men and women 15-16 cross country fields, we have decided to split the races to ensure a fair and safe race for each group. The women will start at the scheduled time, with the men moved later to 7:15 p.m. The new start times are below.

6:00 p.m. XC F 15-16: 3 laps
7:15 p.m. XC M 15-16: 4 laps

There are no pit passes required for tomorrow races and there is no tech support allowed, only feeding and eyewear handoffs are allowed. Only the 15-16 year old races will have the downhill rock garden in their race, the B line will be available for riders. The M 15-16 year old race will have a 50 person call up beyond last year’s podium and aged up national champion, this will give a total of 56 potential call up spots.


If you have any questions about the event please contact Senior National Events Manager,
Tara McCarthy.

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